Schedule a Dentist Inquiry

Find a dentist in your area. A dentist that you like and identify yourself can contribute a lot to your oral health. Search among dentists in your city to find one you love and that can serve you regularly.

  • Ask for recommendations from friends and family. Usually people do not recommend a professional they do not like.
  • Read reviews about dentists in your city online or in magazines and newspapers.
  • Call your health plan to find out if it is necessary to consult with the dentists associated with the plan or if you can ask for a refund by choosing other professionals. Most plans will offer a list of associated doctors.
  • Make a list with potential dentists and note down the strengths of each.

Contact the listed clinics. Call the offices that most pleased you and ask if they are accepting new patients. If not, contact the next one on the list.

  • Inform the receptionist of your basic information, including whether you have a plan or not.
  • Warn about any other important information, such as serious dental problems or fear of dentists.

Schedule an appointment. When you find a dentist with whom you feel comfortable, schedule a consultation. So, your visits will be frequent, allowing an improvement in your oral health.

  • Schedule your appointment early in the morning if you can, so it is less likely to be late and you must wait a long time. Talk to the receptionist about your preference for morning hours.
  • Accept any hours the receptionist offers. Say that you have total availability of time to increase the chances of getting a place on the day you prefer.
  • Be nice to the receptionist.

Talk about the reason for the query. Briefly describe the reason for your visit. Thus, the receptionist will know if the specialty of the dentist meets your need, as well as the time of care.

Think of a sentence or two to describe the reason for your visit. For example, say, “I am a new patient and would like to make an appointment” or “I want to schedule a routine cleaning”.

Ask for a referral to the office. If it is not possible to schedule an appointment with the chosen professional, ask if he / she works with a partner or if it is possible to recommend someone else. It is common to have partnerships among doctors to better serve patients.

Ask for the names of more dentists if references are not accepting new patients or if they are already on your list.

See if the recommended dentist will accept your health plan if you have one.