Poor oral hygiene increases the risk of cancer

A study conducted in Sweden among 1,400 adults over 24 years found that poor oral hygiene generates tartar, inflammation of the gums and even the possible loss of teeth. In addition, as if the damages were few, it can also increase the risk of people suffering from cancer.

The sample taken into account for the study was made up of healthy people between 30 and 40 years old. They underwent oral clinical tests as well as others to know their socioeconomic characteristics and health habits. In addition, they were followed up.

At the beginning, they noticed that none of them had gum inflammation problems, although there was plaque, a bacterial film on the teeth deposited by bad hygiene that could trigger problems such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

But the most serious aspect of this finding is the diseases and difficulties that can cause such oral problems such as the loss of teeth and even chronic health problems such as heart disease.

Results of the study

After analyzing the health status of those who underwent a study after two decades, a higher rate of premature mortality was noted in the people with the highest dental plaque index.

Therefore, there may be a link between the presence of plaque and death, although experts warn that to make such an association in a definitive way, there is still more research to be done since the tests carried out consisted simply of observations.