Orthodontics in adults and children

The teeth can be moved and corrected at any age, and orthodontics allows you to modify your position in the bone. It does not happen in the same way if it is necessary to correct the position of the jaws, since for this it is necessary that the patient has growth, which is known as maxillary orthopedics.

However, early treatments in children are ideal. Thus, an early intervention can prevent the development of more complex treatments in the future.

Can the same type of orthodontics be used in adults and children?

The specialist in Dentistry decides and stipulates the technique used based on the patient’s age and needs.

However, in children, removable (functional) appliances and brackets are used in permanent dentition.

In the case of adults, fixed appliances are used, such as metallic and aesthetic multi-brackets, self-ligating, invisible aligners, lingual orthodontics … In fact, in the case of adults, the most demanded orthodontics is invisible orthodontics, given the social needs and of the world of adults.

Orthodontics, aesthetics and oral health

The orthodontics, has been designed for both children and adults, provide fundamentally three aspects:

  • A beautiful smile, which becomes the card of each person. Everyone wants a beautiful smile.
  • Healthy gums, since the aligned teeth allow a better cleaning, avoiding inflammations and possible bleeding.
  • Correct function: to get it to be chewed on both sides alternately.