Poor dental health affects school performance

The most common dental diseases in school children are dental caries, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and malocclusions (alteration of the position of the teeth and morphology of the jaws), which are caused by bacterial plaque accumulated in the teeth.

The dentist says that, also, there are other harmful habits frequent in school children that affect oral health such as biting objects (nails, pens, erasers, and toys), licking? The fingers or to support the jaw on the hand or the forearm for a prolonged time, since they alter the shape of the jaws.

Therefore, the specialist ensures that it is important for school children to start classes without dental problems, since these can affect their academic performance. The number of times the child must go to the dentist will be determined by the frequency of development of caries, shape and position of the teeth, diet, and oral hygiene, among others.

The comprehensive dental examination of the child consists not only in the revision of the teeth, but also, of the entire stomatognathic system made up of those organs, muscles, joints and bones that allow a person to chew, speak, smile, pronounce, kiss , suck, among others.


A healthy school lunch box helps reduce the occurrence of dental problems. Therefore, this must be basically made up of natural products such as fresh fruits, natural juices, homemade soft drinks, house sandwich, among others.

Products rich in sugars such as cookies, toffees, chewing gum, soft drinks, packaged juices, snacks, or anything that contains preservatives cause harm to the child’s oral health, instead of feeding it properly.

Also, the dentist recommended the consumption of fruits such as apples or carrots, since, given their fibrous texture, they act as a “natural brush”. in the teeth cleaning them from the bacterial plaque. However, this does not replace the use of toothbrush, toothpaste and floss after every school meal or snack.