Orthodontics in the adult age

Until recently, many thought that orthodontics was only for children and that after a certain age, teeth could no longer be corrected. There is no age limit to undergo orthodontic treatments, but now you can correct the position of our teeth at any age, but it is always important to have a good specialist.

The benefits of orthodontics, both with children and adults, are not only aesthetically but also help to have better oral health.

Teeth in bad position can negatively influence the supporting tissues, and in this way cause gum disease, tooth loss and the consequent need for dental prostheses. Crowded or widely separated teeth are more prone to accumulate food because they are more difficult to clean. This causes a greater risk of caries and other problems associated with oral hygiene and gums. The incorrect position of our teeth also causes bite problems that can impair the digestion process or pronunciation.

Aesthetically, correcting the position of the teeth in adult patients causes facial changes that can help rejuvenate the face. In social relations the first impression has great value. A beautiful smile is a key factor to have a high self-esteem and self-confidence, which will be reflected in our relationships and in the workplace.

Orthodontic treatments are planned to be tolerated by an adult with a normal active life. The maintenance and hygiene advice should be the same for any age, avoid eating very hard foods, brush your teeth more carefully to prevent food from accumulating between the devices … Once placed your dentist should give you the right advice for proper maintenance of your orthodontics.

If you are an adult and you consider that your teeth do not have a good position or you notice that you have bite problems, go to your dentist to carry out a study and apply the correct diagnosis. Each person has different needs and there are several types of orthodontic treatments depending on the problem of each patient.