Prophylaxis & Professional teeth cleaning

Regular prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning / PZR are the basis for permanently healthy and beautiful teeth. In order to preserve these even into old age, careful home-based dental care and, above all, regular check-ups by your dentist are required. Thus, possible complications are detected early, and in particular the most common diseases of the teeth, namely caries and periodontitis, prevented.

Professional teeth cleaning / PZR

Do you really bother with your daily brushing and do it with great care? Of course we think that’s great, but unfortunately there is a fundamental problem: it’s almost impossible to keep your teeth permanently free from deposits yourself. Various places are simply not reached by the toothbrush. These include, for example, interdental spaces, transitions to the gums and fissures. And this is exactly where plaque and tartar get stuck.

Let the pros clean

First we remove all plaque and calculus with special instruments, then your teeth are thoroughly polished. We also remove unsightly discoloration caused by coffee, tea and nicotine. The smooth and shiny teeth are finally sealed with Floured and thus optimally protected against new deposits and attacking acids. We recommend our patients to have their professional teeth cleaning / PZR performed twice a year. In special cases, another optimal interval is set for you.

Who bears the costs?

Even if the costs for a professional dental cleaning / PZR are usually not covered by the statutory health insurance, this is an individual health service (Nigel), this investment pays off in the long term. It saves you in many cases the much higher amounts for expensive dentures.